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First Strike Bowling Center

Yes, we're OPEN! First Strike bowling will operate at a limited capacity of 25 people inside the facility at one time. We ask all patrons to observe social distancing and to wear a mask. The kids' play zone will remain CLOSED until further notice.

The front door is the designated Entrance only; the right side door is the designated Exit only. All customers must wash hands in the handwashing sink before entering the facility. A staff member will monitor the entrance door for foot traffic control and screening.

Bowling Facility and Equipment Use:
All customers are asked to observe social distancing measurements and utilize 6-foot spacing markers. Limited use of bowling lanes. Bowling lanes will be staggered to ensure social distancing. Families will be allowed to bowl together. A Bowling ball will be issued to the customer at the front desk. The customer must leave bowling balls in the ball return rack after use. The bowling balls will be cleaned and sanitized after every use. Bowling shoes will be rotated daily and sanitized after every use.

Dining Space:
Limited dining capacity of 18 people at one time. Dining tables will be staggered to ensure social distancing. Families will be allowed to sit together. All customers are asked to utilize 6-foot spacing markets at the customer service counter. Patrons must keep their mask on at all times unless drinking or eating.

First Strike Bowling Center offers open bowling hours, Xtreme Glow Bowling, Family Packages, and Birthday Packages.

  • Open Bowling
  • League Bowling
  • Xtreme Glow Bowling
  • Family Packages
  • Birthday Packages

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