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Child Development Homes

Child Development Homes (CDH) services are provided in on-base government and housing and off-base civilian housing. It is a cost-effective means of expanding childcare capacity by offering convenient childcare options for evenings, weekends, and hourly care. The homes and CDH Providers are subject to the same high-quality standards for childcare as the Child Development Centers.



Visit militarychildcare.comwhere you can find comprehensive information child care programs worldwide, conduct a customized search for the care you need and submit a request for care at any time and from any location. Follow these four simple steps:

  • Create an Account: Go to to create an account containing information about your family, or to login using an existing username and password
  • Search for Care: Search the system for the child care options that best meets your needs.
  • Request for Care: You can select on or more options and submit your requests for care. The program will contact you when space becomes available.
  • Manage Requests: You can manage your request from care from anywhere in the world.


Start your own business!

Become a Child Development Home Provider with the full support of the Navy's Child Development Home Program (CDH), you can stay home with your children while making money, plus, provide a service to support military personnel.

We're looking for dedicated and flexible family childcare providers to care to pre-school age children. Our program is designed to ensure your business is successful that our military children receive the best possible care.