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School Liaison Officer - SLO


Guam School Liaison Officers are employed to help families navigate academic processes and reduce the pressure faced by the families as they move around the world and transfer between school systems. Navy Region Center Guam SLOs are here to assist you with your school-related questions.

School Liaison Officers Provide Seven Core Services to Assist Families:

1. School Transitions Services (PCS Cycle)
2. Deployment Support
3. Command, School Community Communications
4. Home School Linkage and Support
5. Partnerships in Education
6. Post-Secondary Preparations
7. Special Needs System Navigation

Edukasion Tollai Magazine:

Quarterly school liaison magazine sharing educational information and resources that positively impact school-age military and DOD-affiliated children and their families within Joint Region Marianas, Guam.

View Tollai Edukasion Magazine here

  • Education Options PreK-12 Grade  

    Active duty military and eligible civilians may choose to enroll their children in DoDEA Guam Schools, public or private schools or to homeschool. Majority of service members' children attend the four DoDEA Guam Schools. Parents are highly encouraged to HAND-CARRY COPIES OF SHOT RECORDS AND SCHOOL RECORDS such as report cards/high school transcripts, test results, IEP, other records to help with student placement. For a list of Education Options and Guam Schools information click here

  • DoDEA Pacific South Guam Schools PreK – 12th grade (on-base)  

    DoDEA Guam Schools information visit for eligibility, registration, immunizations( PPD or “TB”), calendars, uniforms, school bus transportation, curriculum standards, courses, programs, graduation requirements, test data, etc. View/download the DoDEA Guam school boundaries and bus transportation zones. School uniforms can be purchased prior to arrival. To download the DoDEA school uniform guide, click here

  • Guam Department of Education Public Schools K-12th grade (off-base)  

    Guam Public School information can be viewed on
    Bus Transportation (public and private schools): contact the school or Guam Department of Public Works, Bus Operations at 671-646-3122. 

  • Guam Private Schools PreK-12th grade (off-base)  

    Click here for a list of Private Schools in Guam

  • Home School Information  

    Click here for more Home School Information.

    DoDEA Administrative Instructions for Homeschoolers

    Facebook groups: Andersen AFB Homeschool Group, Guam Christian Homeschool Co-op-GCHC


    Guam Homeschool Association  

    Guam Homeschool Resource Center

    DoDEA Schools support for eligible home school families

    Home Schooling Legal Defense Association

  • Installation Resources and Partners  

    View here for school information and installation and local information.

    • Joint Region Marianas OneGuam Arrival Checklist

    • Facebook search
    Naval Base Guam
    Andersen AFB

    • Housing Office - Naval Base Guam  671-333-2081/82. 
    • Housing Office – Andersen Air Force Base 671-366-2127 or view Andersen Air Force Base Housing Office on Facebook or email

    • Relocation Specialists:
    Navy Fleet and Family Support Center – Naval Base Guam.  Contact 671-333-2056,  or view

    Andersen Airmen and Family Readiness Center - Andersen Air Force Base. 671-366-8136.

  • Youth Sponsorship/Instant Friends  

    A Youth Sponsor is a peer who assists another peer in feeling welcomed to the area, provides access to positive peer groups and social activities, and helps military children feel connected at their new duty station.

    Contact the Child and Youth Programs at Naval Base Guam 671-339-6130, 339-6410 or at Andersen AFB 671-366-7500 or 366-1601 or complete the Youth Sponsorship form for 5th - 12th grades.

    Prior to arrival, if your child (6-17year olds) would like to correspond with a child in Guam, contact Navy Fleet and Family Support Center Instant Friend Program at 671-333-2056. Download: Instant Friend Interest Form

    Student-led transition support group (either Anchored4Life or Student 2 Student) welcomes new students to the campus, community, and culture. Ask about this program during the school year.

  • Youth Teen Centers and School Age Programs  

    When you arrive in Guam, a place to meet new friends is the Youth(ages 10-12) and Teen Center(ages 13-18) on Naval Base Guam or on Andersen AFB.  Youth and Teen Centers require completion of a registration packet and there is no fee for the Centers.  There is also a fee-based School Age Care program for ages 5-12 and various youth sports activities.  For more information, view or contact Naval Base Guam 671- 564-1844/45 or Andersen AFB 671-366-1601.

  • Special Needs  

    • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP):
    Andersen AFB 
    Military OneSource: Military OneSource provides Consultations with a Special Needs Specialty Consultant, Resources, and Products such as fact sheets, videos, Parent Tool Kit, newsletter and more. The Exceptional Advocate is a newsletter for military families with special needs.

    • DoD Special Needs Parent Toolkit

    • Special Education Connection:  A comprehensive online special education reference center to enable parents to access the latest news, statutes, regulations, and insights into and solutions for challenges faced every day.

    • DIRECTSTEP E-COURSES: Navy Child and Youth Programs continue to partner with LRP Publications to bring you DirectSTEPR eLearning courses at no charge! Now on a brand new platform with all new course curriculum! The DirectSTEPR eCourses explain legal requirements and best practices on topics ranging from IDEA eligibility, behavior management, Section 504, IEPs, autism and more. They also teach parents and educators how to handle critical education issues to obtain positive outcomes while applying education laws to the day-to-day world of teaching and learning. Go to and self-register today.

    • DoDEA Special Education

    • U.S. Naval Hospital, Guam EFMP (671) 344-9564.
    Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS): for children ages birth - 3 who may have a developmental delay and who, other than age, would be eligible for DoDEA Schools. Contact U.S Naval Hospital, Guam (671) 344-9027.

    • CONTACT PARENTS EMPOWERING PARENTS. The one number to call when you need assistance in finding help for your child. Phone hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. | Office hours: 10 a.m.-2p.m. Call: (671) 685-7371(PEP1)

    • Guam CEDDERS creates partnerships and pathways to increase the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Contact Us: University of Guam CEDDERS - Office of Graduate Studies, Sponsored Programs, & Research, 303 University Drive, UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96913 | Main Office: House 29, Dean Circle | Phone: (671) 735-2481, Fax: (671) 734-5709, TTY: (671) 734-6531





Click here to view our School Liaison Brochure.
Click here to view the School Liaison Directory of School Liaison Officers worldwide to help military families with a smooth school transition for their children.

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